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The effects involving vaporizing on the respiratory system is probably the best reason for utilizing a bong. Even though medical marijuana is nowhere close to as negative as using tobacco, it nonetheless isn't good for the body. Although it’s a fact that smoking medical marijuana is actually not proven to trigger cancer of the lung, nevertheless as soon as medical marijuana is combust on account of temperature it does release a few recognized chemicals which may bring about health problems; which ends up in inflamed respiratory system and chronic bronchitis. cannabis smokes were mostly meant to conquer this concern. These cannabis smokes work through enclosing weed inside of a heating chamber along with allowing for the temperature to elevate until its close to combusting the actual weed, the unit then produces an inhalable vapor that still delivers the effective health components in weed (cannabinoids), with all the evil tars and toxins taken out. The bong claims to be 98% smokeless. Coupled with lowering the smoke the person breathes in, a lot more encouraging outcomes have been discovered. The latest tests reveal that old smokers that moved to vaping showed signs of respiratory harm reversal brought on by smoke.